Small business marketing consultants Melbourne with email marketing facts for SMB's

Sure Snapchat, Facebook and other social channels get a lot of attention these days, however people still don’t check them as often as their emails which is generally more than six hours per day on average. Our team of small business marketing conultance explain that SMB's should not just put their email marketing plans on hold for social media. 

Large companies rely on complex automated platforms to deliver timely and relevant messages however now it is easier than ever for SMB’s to follow suit and build their own effective email programs with inexpensive, easy to use tools. It’s also easier than ever to buy lists of leads relevant for different industries.

Our experienced small business marketing consultants Melbourne find that SMB’s are less than willing to spend time or money on projects that don’t have obvious and immediate benefits. We generally find that they tend to prioritise serving existing customers and strong leads over marketing to prospects who might not be interested just yet. If SMB's only concentrate on possible investments with short-term payoffs, this will not lead to strong and steady business growth into the future.

As businesses adopt email marketing in greater and greater numbers, they might possibly transform it into something new, something real, and something that all marketers need pay attention to.

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