Small business marketing consultancy Brisbane with some new tips on you can attract more customers to your website using Twitter and Facebook

So you have a great website, it’s professionally designed and should be bringing in the business…or at least you’d hoped. Don’t lose faith just yet because we have a couple of great tips for you to follow, which are sure to help you see a jump in traffic.

If your website is up to scratch already, then social media is certainly the number one place to look if you need to increase traffic and re-vamp your strategy.

Did you know that you can re-market your website through social media? When it comes to both Facebook and Twitter you can install a tracking pixel on your site so that you can continue to market to site visitors and have return traffic to your business blog or website.

Further to this you can give your email list a second life, uploading it into Facebook and capturing the social accounts of those who have their email address attached. The benefits of this can be huge, especially via Twitter as you will be getting in touch with those potential customers via mobile.

There are always new marketing tools to help you with promoting your website, however consistency is key. Keep pushing along and you will certainly build your audience – just ensure, as always, that are also providing your customers with the excellent content.

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