Reasons why your website should be responsive, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

There is no doubt that internet and mobile phone usage has sky rocketed over the years, which ultimately results in your business needing a responsive website. The marketing consultancy Sydney has reasons as to why your website should be responsive.

Here are some of the undeniable reasons your website should be responsive:

1. Mobile Usage is Exploding: – Over %25 of Google searches are made from mobile devices – 62%of people have a better opinion of brands when a good mobile experience is offered
2. A positive user experience will ultimately lead to more purchases and revenue generated from your website
3. If your implemented SEO into your website, a responsive website design is preferred, as a single URL reduces the chances of errors

Responsive websites are what can help differentiate your business from your competitors, ultimately making it a more pleasurable experience. Our marketing consultants have a design team ready to turn your website into a responsive one!

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