Small business marketing consultant in Sydney on the importance of having web analytics

Having a website set up isn’t enough, you need some tools to maintain and review the traffic on your website so as to make necessary improvements.

The most common analytic tool that we are familiar with is probably Google Analytics. It is a great and cost effective tool for small business owners to find out where are your visitors coming from and how they are browsing your website.

With analytics, we are able to tell where visitors are coming from. Is it Google search engine, referral from social media or organically through their web browser address bar? If you getting traffic from your social media, that means your content is engaging people to click through.

In Google Analytics, you can learn about visitors’ behaviour like how long they spend on a certain page and from home page which are the pages that they visit next etc. If your objective is to get people to read about your services but visitors are only spending 15 seconds, that means you need to spice up the content to engage them further.

With measurements and insights, you can then “fine tune” your website to make it better for your visitors and your small business.

At Little Marketing, we believe in that staying static doesn’t take you anywhere, changes do. We evaluate our clients’ analytics on a monthly basis and constantly give them advices on how to make improvement. Working closely together is what makes us and our clients both happy.


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