Small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane explains the importance of a mobile presence for small business

With over 75% of searches being made on mobile devices, now is the the time to strike gold in mobile search. Mobile phones are everyone’s most personal device, and the majority of the population keep them at an arm’s reach at all times, therefore it’s only natural for consumers to use it to quickly and easily search for local businesses, products, and services.

So why is mobile presence important? Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain that mobile devices are really just used as modern day yellow pages and they are a customer’s primary method of searching for places and businesses. It’s for this reason that you must have your information listed on search engines and online directories, ensuring that it is both accurate and up to date.

Mobile websites and apps are designed specifically for smartphones , giving the user a great and wonderful experience over trying to unsucessfully navigate a website that has been designed just for a desktop computer. With customer techniques of shopping and searching moving faster than businesses can keep up with, as a business owner, you cannot afford to postpone developing a mobile presence.

Keep an eye out next week as our Brisbane markeing consulants bring you part two on the importance of a mobile presence.



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