Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne on promoting your podcast

Good Podcast promotion takes a single piece of content and transforms it into pieces of valuable consumer material.

Your podcast can be split into a variety of content types and you can merge bits of your podcast into your existing marketing channels.

Three of the key ways that your podcast can be promoted include:

Webinars: This is your most targeted audience because these people are taking the time to purposely listen to you. Mention that you are adding a Podcast in your intro, referencing episodes with related information, and telling people to subscribe. Don’t forget to use your podcast as a little inspiration when coming up with your webinar topics.

Email Newsletter: Your list of newsletter recipients are hungry for your content, making them the perfect audience to share your podcasts. Rather than asking your audience to subscribe, you are providing a resource to your audience. Make sure you include episode links, photo’s, click to tweet and quotes.

Your website: Don’t just show a standalone link to your podcast. Utilise it to its highest capability. Transform it into a blog post, downloadable PDF, or info-graphic that you can use as a lead on your site. Use clear communication to say that the piece you are showing is just a little part of the valuable content that you can provide to them if they subscribe to the actual podcast.

Podcast promotion is a unique and effective marketing tool because you are adding value at every level with each episode attracting new people while engaging your existing audience.

Ask our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne how we can assist you with adding podcasts into your marketing plan.


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