Small business marketing consultant in Sydney on upcoming strongest marketing tool - reviews

Why is ‘customer reviews’ your next strongest marketing tool? Because according to a recent study, in every seven out of ten consumers look out for reviews. And seven of them trust a business more as a result of positive online reviews. It is a major implications for businesses. Another significant insight from the study is that, every eight of ten consumers mentioned that positive online reviews influence them just as much as personal recommendations from people they actually know.

After checking out the positive reviews for your business, half of them actually visits your website, one fourth visits your business and nine percent picks up the phone to call you, while the remaining continue shopping around!

Now that we know reviews are important, we need to understand that reviews are something plan of your bigger marketing plan.

For instance, someone looking up online for a cafe to eat, he or she read the awesome reviews on your cafe and happily clicked on your website. At website, they fail to view it properly on mobile and look at your menu. Guess what? Off they go to the next cafe.

Reviews are part of a package. You need to have good reviews and a good website etc. in order to ensure pleasant customer experiences throughout all the touch points with them.

We, as small business marketing consultants, encourage you to take advantage of good reviews by providing clear contact details on all platforms, stay updated on website as well as social media and utilise positive reviews as much as possible. For instance, have a testimonial page on your website to show the reviews.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Little Marketing has about a decade of experiences working with small business clients from diversified backgrounds and needs. Contact us soon for any marketing help for your small business!


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