Small business marketing consultant in Sydney on building customer relationships that lasts

Repeat business is good for every small business and building customer relationships is a way to have that happen. Customer relationship is crucial for business growth, but how do we build them?

Read on for tips on building B2B and B2C relationships.

What would you expect when you do someone a favour? A “thank you”? Same for your customers, thanking them is important. It shows them how much you value them. Thank them when they buy in-store. If they buy online, slip in ‘thank you’ notes with their parcels. You can easily give them dollar-off coupons or a little gift as a form of appreciation too. Communication is key for relationship.

Talk to your customers and find out their concerns as well as interests. Finding out what their needs and doing something about it provides lasting value for your customers. Collect such information by conducting surveys and polls.

Be proactive in the community. As you establish a presence in your community, you are already building a form of relationship. Sponsor or participate in community events, volunteer for or donate to local charities, and get involved in making your city a better place.

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