Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - looking at marketing on a personal level

We are a group of marketing consultants who has been giving marketing advice to many small businesses over the past decade. And we realise many small businesses owners in Sydney and Melbourne focused so much on marketing their brand that they forget about personal branding.

Being the owner of a small business, you are also the face of the business. Read on for a few tips on how to brand yourself.

Email addresses play a huge part in business and personal branding. Invest in a domain name for your business. For business emails, do not come up with funky names like “”. Instead use your name, “”.

Image is important too. It does not necessary mean that you have to be in suit and tie. But it at least means cleanliness and hygiene. Your wallet, phone, bag and car are things that make up your image. You don’t have drive the latest SUV or carry the limited edition brief, just make sure your belongs are well maintained.

Social media is not that “social” after all. If you are very tech-savvy, you can probably figure a way out to privatise every single updates. But let us mind you, as much as you can privatise things, when your friends tag you, third parties can still view it. Social media is fun but it is complicated as well. So, make sure you manage yours well. You never know who is looking at your profile.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Little Marketing has about a decade of experiences working with small business clients from diversified backgrounds and needs. Contact us soon for any marketing help for your small business!


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