Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - four Internet trends that you should take note of

With faster internet and smarter phones, we are relying a lot more on technology in daily life. Our heavy reliance has affected and will continue affecting the way we communicate. Thus, also affects small business marketing efforts and effects.

One important trend to take note is the average time a phone owner spent on his or his device. Within the last three years, the number doubled to 2.8 hours daily. Mobile adoption has been slowing down since 73% of the people worldwide already have mobile devices.

Realise how many of the popular social media apps are video-based? A few examples will be SnapChat and Vine. Marketing should now transform from text and visuals to short videos.

All the big guys such as Google and Facebook on the Internet are now adding the “Buy” buttons. Your social media communication platform has also become a distribution/selling channel.

The last trend is quite surprising. Research shows that pinterest is not only for females. Since last year, pins of car and motorcycle images as well as fashion have increased 118 percent and 96 percent respectively.

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