Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - all you need to know about customer service in 2015

Customer expectation changes every now and then, and mainly because of the convenience that technology gave us. Read on for some key findings from a study conducted by Accenture on customer service trends.

Customers now expect service to be fast and easy for them. And they move on really fast. If you are not performing up to their standard, they simply just go to your competitor. According to the study, about two-thirds of the respondents stated that they moved on to online platforms for customer service because they want speed and convenience.

Same amount of respondents mentioned that they consider significantly more brands when they want to make a purchase as compared to 10 years ago. Why? Because we are spoilt with options.

Customers take into account of what others have to say about your business. About half of the respondents actually rely on other people’s reviews when going through their decision process.

Customer loyalty is not a guarantee that customers will stick with you. If you don’t perform up to their standard, they will switch. As much as we all love technology, we hate it at times too.

Remember that time when you phoned a customer service hotline and the machine told you to press whatever number that suits the reason of your call? How frustrating is that? The machine finished 0 to 9 but you still don’t know which number to press. Remember, customers are humans, they still like human contact.

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