Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - tradeshow tips to stay connected with customers

The main reason why all small businesses should participate in tradeshows is that it is a great opportunity to reach out to potential customers, meet business partners and “spy” on competitors.

What should small businesses do in order to stay connected with the tradeshow attendees? Read on for practical tips!

First of all, if you want to stay connected, you’ve got to be remembered by customers. Make sure your booth is creative, eye-catching and stands out from other booths. Other than that, you can invest a little more on your giveaways. Instead of giving out pens, consider something unique so that customers will remember you at the end of the day after visiting a whole lot of other booths.

Bear in mind that every material that you give out should include your business contact details. Not just your address and number, include social media information too. Do post photos of the tradeshows on your social media page to engage customers!

During tradeshows, don’t let the opportunity to build customer database slip! Ask and collect email addresses and business cards from attendees.

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