Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - market your event on social media

In today’s society, the best way to market an event is probably using social media. The more people talk, like or share about your event, the more likely people will attend. So, how do we ultilise social media to the fullest to attract more attendees? Read on!

Create an event page on Facebook prior to the event to regularly post content about it. You can post photos, videos and almost any type of content to remind as well as engage your attendees and potential attendees. The best part is that attendees are able to invite their friends to your event.

Create, post and share video content all over your social media platform to create a buzz. It’s all about visual communication. You can create a promotional video before the event to ‘inform’ attendees what can they expect. Then, prior a few days to the event, tell attendees what do they need to bring and pump up their excitement!

Don’t forget to use hashtag too! Encourage people to use it to create buzz. Other potential attendees can also search related information about your brand using that hashtag.

Want to take a step further to increase brand and event awareness? Start a social media competition and provide some kind of incentives! Get your attendees to take photos during the event and hashtag to enter the competition.

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