Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - what should you do after an event

You are not quite done after an event ended. There are a few more things that you should definitely do after that to continue engaging your attendees. Read on to find out more!

Ask for feedback and follow up with your attendees. Write a post on social media or email them, it is a great way to stay connected. You probably took videos and photos during your event; don’t just save them on your computer. Post on your event page or official brand page. Attendees will be excited to see themselves on screen.

It will also be great if you are able to generate some content off your event as a blog post to promote your brand further.

Never ignore any comments your attendees post on your page before, during and especially after the event. If it is a positive comment, thank them. If it is a negative comment, reply and follow up. You can also take a step further by sending a personal message or emailing them. What’s important is to show that you are doing something about their negative experiences and will strive for the better.

Be a brand or small business that people love and you will be a huge step closer to success! Do not hesitate to contact us, your small business marketing consultant in Melbourne, Little Marketing for any marketing tips.


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