Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - branding is foundation for a business

Over the years, many have emphasised the power of branding but, at the same time, many have ignored it with the mindset of “branding will come along as my business goes”.

What is the first brand that comes to your mind when someone mentions ‘a can of carbonated soda’? Pepsi or Coca-cola? It doesn’t matter which one pops up first, what matters is the name pops up because of branding – that’s the power.

With the technological advancement, we are bombarded with information, news and advertisements every single day, what really stays in our mind? What can small businesses do to make sure they stay in consumers’ mind? The answer is branding.

It is important to have a brand that represents your small business but, at the same time, not associating yourself with another. In marketing term, it is called the ‘me-too’ marketing. The whole idea of branding is to standout and to differentiate from your competitors. Assuming that you sell soft drinks, there is no point in branding yourself like Coca-Cola, as consumers will simply buy from them but not you.

To establish a good branding strategy and stay in your consumers’ minds, do not hesitate to contact Little Marketing – your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, for help soon!


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