Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - three marketing strategies that you should know

There are three marketing strategies that small businesses owners in Sydney should definitely be aware of in order to launch product successfully. What is launching a product successfully? It is to capture the maximum market exposure and market coverage.

The three strategies are auxiliary marketing, seasonal marketing and lastly, time marketing.

We have spring, summer, autumn and winter and marketing strategies can be based on different seasons. Summer is the best season for bikinis, but winter might be too, because people travel to tropical countries. Seasonal marketing in another words is also holiday marketing, like marketing Halloween costumes in October and Christmas tree in December. Know exactly where your product fits into the calendar and market it that way.

The keyword in time marketing is “when”. When is the right time to launch? The answer to that question largely depends on your industry, products and many more factors like product life cycle etc. So what is the right answer? There is no definite answer, unfortunately. It requires experimenting and analysing on past experiences and potential trends. Valuable insights from experimentation might open a massive niche marketing opportunity for your small business!

Auxiliary marketing is about shifting the focus on “when to launch” view to a bigger picture – to expand your selling season. For example, technological companies often launch their products before school starts because it is the peak buy times. Marketing a laptop would not be as effective right in the middle of a school semester as compared to before beginning of it.

Poorly timed product launch comes with a hefty price tag that all small businesses in Sydney should avoid. Not only that it is expensive, but it can also demoralise a small business. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant, for any marketing tips and advices.


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