Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - is marketing a revenue generating or a supporting function

In the hotel industry, there is always a debate about the housekeeping department – is it a front-of-house or back-of-house department? It is both, because when housekeepers clean up rooms, they actually meet the guests as well.

Same for marketing, it is both a revenue-generating function and a supporting function.

Marketing is about developing a framework that will help to generate revenue by reaching customers and also creating new products as well as services. Now, bringing in ‘sales’ department into the picture. Marketing and sales have to work closely because marketing will bring customers to the sales team and the team will sell in order for revenue to be generated.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to make customers think that “I need this product/service” and the sales team comes in to make that need a reality.

A good marketing strategy or plan needs to take into considerations of the communicating part and the selling process.

As said by a marketing expert, Laura Lake, “Marketing is no longer a support function, but rather a department that can in fact drive revenue into every business when empowered to do so.”

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