Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - social media tips that you should know

Social media is a great marketing tool for small businesses and everyone, including your competitors and customers, is using it. But how can we use it successfully? Here are a few handy tips from your small business marketing consultant in Melbourne. Small business owners, read on to find out more!

Make your company real, real as in it’s owned and run by a group of people. Don’t just appear as “admin”. Human touch is key. That is why social media is called ‘social’ media. Apart from that, you can consider posting photos of your employees or yourself, for instance, in a form of behind-the-scenes content.

Instead of posting too much branded content or press releases, post some interesting stuff like a photo, a quote or an interactive contest as well. Social media is a place where people want to get off work for a break and if you are still constantly reminding them of work, they will likely be turned off. The key here is to balance both sides properly.

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