Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - four low-cost marketing ideas for small businesses

Small businesses are often tied down with small marketing budgets, but that does not mean you can’t do anything.

Here are a few low cost marketing ideas you, as a small business owner in Melbourne, can start doing to grow big, bigger and biggest.


Google is your best friend! You can easily create your business listing with them so that when someone searches for related keywords about your business, you will appear on the rankings. To leverage local rankings, get your clients to write reviews for you on Google.

Online directories

How often do you search for business on directories? Quite often, isn’t it? Create online directories are really useful for potential clients to find you. There are quite a few popular directories that you should not leave out, such as hotfrog, yelp, white pages and yellow pages.


Sending newsletters is a direct marketing strategy that allows you to reach straight to your clients’ inbox without clutter. Some companies out there, such as Mailchimp, have made email marketing hassle-free. It allows you to manage you database list and create professional looking emails within minutes.


Get your existing clients to write testimonials for you and put it on your small business website! Try to ask your clients to go into details and include their names as well as business names for better credibility.

Are you a small business owner in Sydney or Melbourne who needs some marketing help? Do not hesitate to contact Little Marketing soon!


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