Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - building your customer database

Which electronic marketing tool is low cost and direct to customers? Email marketing, for sure. Social media allows you to reach your customers, but it is not as direct as sending an email straight to a customer’s inbox. On social media, you have to compete for customers’ attention but not on emails. Small businesses in Melbourne, are you ready to build your email list?

Read on for some useful tips by the marketing consultant for small business.

Have you decided which email marketing software to use? A good software is the first step to manage your email lists and develop professional layouts for your content. You can also get statistics like ‘open rates’ or ‘click through rates’ to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Some examples are MailChimp, vision6 and Constant Contact.

Now, to build up an email list, you need to provide an opportunity for customers to sign up. How to? Have an easy signup option on your website!

If you already have one but it isn’t working that well, try placing the signup option somewhere visible. If not, offer an incentive. A lot of businesses are now providing incentives like “15% off for your first purchase with us, sign up!” Other examples are like “Sign up for a free report/case study!” An incentive can stimulate customers to sign up and encourage them to make purchases from you.

Consider the frequency of emailing your customers. Daily, weekly or monthly? The key is not to “spam” them, if not they will unsubscribe from you then that’s a customer lost. Send exclusive content to the ones who’ve signed up with you as retaining them is essential too!

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Little Marketing has about a decade of experiences working with small business clients from diversified backgrounds and needs. Contact us soon for any marketing help for your small business!


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