Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - why pop-up strategy?

Have you seen one of those random temporary retail spaces “popping up” on Pitt Street? The most recent that most of us can recall of is probably Uniqlo pop-up. In recent years, more businesses, be it small or large, are utilising this form of marketing and/or retail strategy.

Read on to find out how the pop-up strategy opens opportunities for your small business.

If you are an online business, with a pop-up store strategy you are getting in front of your customers. It is chance to test if you should actually invest in a physical store. Other than that, you can do some product testing and collect insights. Having a chance to be in front of your existing and potential customers, you are creating memorable experiences for them that ecommerce can’t.

Many well established large businesses are using pop-up stores for seasonal sales. Certain products do well in specific seasons and it is definitely a ‘yes’ to pop-up in front of your customers. For example, if you are a small business selling handmade ornaments, consider having a pop-up store during Christmas or any festive seasons that people spend to buy products like yours.

One of the greatest things about pop-up store is the brand awareness it can generate. It is important to create awareness for every business brand. The amount of reach you can obtain is huge, you are exposing yourself to existing and potential customers, or even anyone walking pass your pop-up store.

Pop-up store strategy is an excellent way to conduct market research. You get to observe actual customers’ behaviour – who are your customers, what they like and how they buy etc. Using those firsthand insights, you will be able to improve on your existing products to better cater to customers’ needs.

Small business owners, time to consider about using this low-cost yet effective strategy! There are a lot of preparations for a pop-up store, including spreading the words online, but in return, the advantages will definitely benefit you in long term.

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