Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - what are referrals mean to your business?

Referral is probably the most powerful marketing tool. When someone refers another party to your business, it means that they are spreading positive word-of-mouth. And how positive word-of-mouth comes by? Satisfied customers.

WOMs are very useful in situations where potential buyers has no previous experiences of obtaining a certain goods or services. With minimum information, they turn to their friends and families for recommendations. Why? Because they are credible sources.

What so good about referrals? They literally don’t cost you money, but just a few seconds to ask. They cost you a few seconds but it could bring more revenue and business to you.

Your customers have their own network of contacts and from their social network, they are the ones who know exactly who is seeking for services or goods that you are selling. If you ask them to refer you, they are likely to mention about you!

People nowadays are pretty skeptical about advertisements. For instance, when you book a hotel, you visit the official website to see the images but you will also seek another opinion on review sites to see actual photos taken by real people. What does that mean? Customers are more likely to believe other customers rather than the business. So let your existing customers be your marketers!

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