Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - the meaning of Snapchat for your small business

After Twitter, Instagram and Vibe, now we have Snapchat! What is it? It is an app that has 100 million active monthly users predominantly used by the younger generations like teenagers to young adults.

Snapchat allows users to send their followers photos and videos with expiry timings, after the expiry time, the content disappear. Apart from just sending snaps, Snapchat has something called the “Snapchat Stories” that allow users to send content publicly and can be viewed as much as you want. What to transfer money to your friends? They even have such a thing called “Snapcash” that allows you to do so.

This social media platform is no doubt on the rise, try asking the young people out there about Snapchat! Large organisations such as Taco Bell was an early adopter who have been ultilising this and of course, they are very successful with this strategy. Due to its increasing popularity, many more large as well as small businesses are now beginning to tap on this Snapchat opportunity to reach their target audiences.

Question now is should you, small business owners, be using this app to market your brand? If your target audiences are the younger generations, yes, definitely go for it! But if you are a business-to-business company, Snapchat might not really be the right fit. Always consider the target market fit so that you are reaching out to the right customers. Also, do note that Snapchat does not offer you with analytics, which means that you cannot measure the results in figures.

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