Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - the evolution of customer expectations

As we are pampered with more choices and convenience in daily life, our expectations change. And it is important for small businesses to learn about these changes to better cater to customers. Read on to find out how has expectation changed.

Customers are expecting a reply from you, a fast reply. Not within 24 hours anymore. With social media, they expect instant reply, making them waiting for 24 hours feels like 24 days to them. And they don’t really care about your 9-5pm working times, they just want replies.

They demand accuracy. Made a typo? You might be “featured” on their social media as something to laugh at. Other than that, they want you to deliver what you promised. If you have an item that says it is in stock, you better have it, or else they will just wave goodbye to you and find someone else.

Customers don’t mean getting involved in certain aspects, like self-serving to sign up for a member online. It is faster for them to do it themselves than having a staff that misspell their names or email addresses.

Lastly, they dislike hidden costs and paying for shipping. It is slowly becoming a “norm” to provide free shipping.

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