Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - social media mistakes that you should avoid

There are several things that you should probably stop doing on social media now, so that you stop annoying your customers.

Remember when such a thing called “automated response” came out, many of us were pretty fascinated and impressed with companies that uses that function. But guess what? It is time to stop. Customers are getting annoyed at it, especially on Twitter. This function has become something that will make you unpopular because it makes you seem lazy and arrogant. Customers want a reply, not a reply telling them that you will reply, particularly on social media platforms. Speed is everything.

Being active online is good, but don’t overdo. If you continuously “flood” your followers’ newsfeed, they deem you as clutter, then what will happen? Unfollow follows next.

Show appreciations to customers who share your posts. By acknowledging their efforts, you are increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. You should really thank them since they are helping you to get your name out there; it is actually a type of positive “word-of-mouth”.

Another thing that small businesses tend to over do is over-selling. When a customer is willing to like your page or follow your business page, that means they probably already like or have purchased from you. What does that mean for you? It means you don’t have to over-market to them. Sure you can tell them how awesome your product is but not all the time.


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