Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - add social selling to your small business marketing plan

Looking at the title of this article, ‘social selling’, what is that? It is hybrid of social media and selling. Social selling might be something new for small businesses, but it is definitely growing. Look at, they now allow users to add a product to their shopping carts from via a tweet. So, time to step our small business marketing game up!

Read on for some tips about social selling.

Make your customers the sellers

Encourage your customers to take photos of their purchases from you and post it on their social media. Then, feature them on your accounts and even your website by including a feed. Your customers are the best sellers, so let them create content and spread word-of-mouth for you.

Offer incentives for sharing

Customers nowadays are actually sharing photos of their purchases if they are happy with them. But providing them with incentives will further engage them to do so. For instance, “show us how much you love our products and a 10% coupon is awaiting for you.” If you don’t have the budget to do it all the time, just do it at the beginning of a marketing campaign to develop a habit for your customers.

Build the bridge between social media and sales channel

Now that you have customers sharing, the next step is to make buying easy for other customers. Try to include short links when you are posting. So that if your customer wants to purchase a particular product in a post, they can just click on the link instead of going to a search engine, typing in your brand name then search for the product.

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