Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - Snapchat opportunities for small businesses

After understanding what is Snapchat, are you, small business owners, wondering what can you do with it? Read on for the marketing implications of Snapchat.

Launching a new product soon? Use Snapchat for sneak previews to stimulate excitement and hype for your latest offerings! You can also use it as a platform to send exclusive contents to your followers. If they follow you, you should make them feel special.

Want to hold a flash sales? Snapchat is definitely the way to go! Use it to send promotional codes or details about flash sales to encourage sales as well as people to follow you. Everyone loves deals and sales, thus, you, as a small business, should use it to your benefit.

Like Instagram, you are use Snapchat to hold competitions and do giveaways. An example will be Nissan and their “Ride of Your Life” campaign. Followers have to send in photos expressing how driving its car feels like and the best snap will get a prize! It is as engaging as Instagram, isn’t it?

Show the fun side of your business by snapping behind the scenes content for your followers. It is a great way to add personality to your brand and connect to your followers.

Like LiveTweets, the nature of Snapchat allows you to do live commentary to stay connected during an event. Audi did it best during last year’s Super Bowl when they sent funny snaps to their followers. Snapchat might not be same as the usual social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, but the opportunities are great as theirs, or even more. If you are the right fit for Snapchat, start using it now, before your competitors.

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