Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - reconsider if you are thinking of using these marketing tools

There are many marketing tools for small businesses to utilise. But are they all effective? Here are four marketing tools that you might want to consider not using.

Mass media print is a tricky one. If you want to advertise on paper, you need to have a great understanding of your target audiences. This marketing tool is only effective if you can clearly identify the exact magazine or newspaper they read, or even the exact sections within a reading material.

How often do you watch television programmes now? Maybe audiences who are not that tech-savvy still spends time watching, but the tech-savvy ones are probably watching from online platforms. People watch less television shows now, and to avoid television advertisements they watch online. So what is the point of spending big bucks on TV? Even if you watch TV 24 hours everyday, how many advertisements can you recall? There are too much clutter, thus it is expensive and ineffective to use this marketing tool.

Sometimes when we are reading some online articles, you realise that there are two little words that says “suggested content”. What does that mean? It means a company paid the publication company to generate content and then redirect the reader to another page. It may seem relevant because interested and potential clients might click on it. But if you think deeper about it, with the two word “suggested content”, does it sound credible? It sounds like a paid advertisement, which is exactly what it is.

All in all, an effective marketing tool is only ‘effective’ when your target audience sees it.

Otherwise, don’t bother throwing money into it. Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon!


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