Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - generating more sales from existing customer database

Existing customers are assets to every small business because they are the ones who are likely to return to you for more. Thus, it is important to maintain positive customer relationship. Here is another reason to do so – Harvard Business Review revealed that it is of less cost to retain existing customers than acquiring new ones. Read on for small business tips to build and maintain positive as well as lasting customer relationship.

Be thankful towards customers, and offer them a small incentive for repurchase. Apart from the usual ‘thank you’ email, send little token of appreciation with handwritten notes to your customers during special occasions. Think about it, how sweet would your customer feel when they receive a handwritten birthday card with a little gift? Wide smiles on their faces!!

Communication is key. Ask your customers questions to understand their real needs. Avoid asking them directly like “What do you need?” Instead, find out about the problems and concerns that they are facing and derive a solution. By doing this correctly, you will gain customers for a lifetime. Take an extra mile to suggest and advice what else that can value add them. This way, you are showing concern to your customers which is part of maintain relationship and up-selling your products too.

Apart from building relationships with customers, it is important to connect with other small business owners, online and offline organisations. Who knows when the next business opportunities will come from?

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