Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - don'ts when planning a video

First of all, the idea of wanting to create a video for your small business is a good start. Visual, visual and visual are what consumers are looking for. Why is it only a good start? Because only a well-planned and great video can add value to your business, so it’s only a good start. Read on to avoid these mistakes when creating a video for your small business.

A common type of video that many small businesses like is the testimonial videos. First of all, testimonials are more credible and that it doesn’t require a lot of editing. It seems to be an easier option so people slack off when planning for it. Easy doesn’t mean no planning needed. Like every other video, it is important to run through with your clients what they are going to say and what you are going to ask them. Most importantly, you have to inform your clients beforehand that you want to interview them, so that they can turn up properly dressed.

Also, do take note that, the first 30 seconds of your video is going to determine if the viewer is going to close the window. Instead of making every client speak for 1 minute, simply ask them questions like “what do you love about Little Marketing?” Short and sweet answers capture attentions more than long-winded stories.

Before you actually going into any planning, you need to know the purpose and the end use of the video as it determines everything about the video. What exactly do you want your video to convey to your audience? Where are you going to post the video? If you are creating a short video ad on Youtube, the first five seconds is extremely important, so it does not make sense to show your business logo fading in and out for that precious five seconds.

Videos are great marketing tools only if you do it correctly. Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon! We have experiences in animated videos, call us up to find out how using animation can value add your small business in Sydney.


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