Small Business Marketing Consultant in Melbourne on Mobile Advertising

Google finally recently realised the importance of mobile phones, and made big changes into how they are now going to rank websites on Google. They will now push businesses that have their own mobile site up the ranks on Google! Here is what we, as marketing consultants in Melbourne, have to say towards this move.

We think it is fantastic that Google is finally recognizing mobile sites. People have moved on from their desktops and into their mobiles. Yes, without a doubt computers are still relevant nowadays, however people are starting to spend a lot more time on their mobiles, and they spend their time continuously browsing the web or making purchases. Little Marketing, the small business marketing consultants in Melbourne, highly recommend the creating of mobile sites.

Need help with your mobile site? Or do you just need help with your small business marketing in Melbourne? Do not hesitate any further and call us now! With years of experience giving small business marketing advice in Melbourne, we are sure to satisfy you with real results.


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