Message Timing Advice from Melbourne Marketing Consultancy

Do you send direct messages to your customer database? Or do you make frequent social media posts? Did you know that timing matters? We at Little Marketing, the small business marketing consultant in Melbourne, will explain why.

Timing matters in mobile marketing and it can have a huge impact on how someone interprets and responds to your message. If you interrupt your consumer during an inconvenient time, say for example during dinner hours or weekends, it demonstrates that you don't understand them or don't value their schedule.

It's helpful when marketers check to make sure they're sending users notifications when they're awake, but marketing professionals can gain the most by relying on tools that predict the optimal time for an individual consumer to receive a message. We can recommend, however, the prime lunchtime hours between 12pm and 2pm, as well as morning and evening commute hours as they are more likely to be comfortable to receive messages or phone calls.

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