Social media tips for new small business startups in Melbourne

For any new startups, the first thought is usually to reach out to potential customers and its target market. It was rather tough to do so in a few decades ago, but now, we have a thing called the Internet which can instant connect you with heaps number of people.

For new startups, you want to take every single step as careful as possible when using social media to ensure that they do not have any negative impact and they are able to drive the business forward. Here are some tips from your small business marketing consultant - Little Marketing:

1. All platforms should be in synchronise

To get the most out of all social media, you need to use all of them and most importantly, coordinate them properly. If every social media is a stand-alone effort, they are not likely to deliver results. Therefore, you need to integrate your social media with your business website.

2. Are you missing with some “buttons”?

Make sure your company website has the social media icons and should be placed prominently on the pages so that visitors can share. When someone shares it, and their friends read it, you will get more visits in return. On the other hand, you need to have links on your social media to direct visitors to your web page.

3. Be part of the conversation

When people are talking about your brand, you need to participate in their conversations and also know them. Being active on social media by replying all comments and questions can drive your business perform well. However, you have to be really careful about what you are posting, as a small action can have a great impact.

4. Ask readers to do something

Make sure you have a call to action at the end of any content. Ask them to follow you on your social medias or ask them to share your content.


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