Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - don't do these on social media

Social media is one of the most widely used online marketing tools in today’s society, due to its the low cost, reach and accessibility anytime as well as anywhere.

The advantages of social media are awesome but at the same time, it can be great disadvantages too! So here are some marketing advices from your small business marketing consultant in Sydney:

Ignoring your followers

If you’ve decided to join the “social” media platform, be prepared to socialise with people. Engagement is what keeps people interested. Try to put in some personality and be friendly. A simple “thank you for supporting us!” can really be powerful.

Pestering your followers all the time

Don’t spam your followers, it annoyed them and when they are annoyed, they will leave you. Avoid posting the same posts again and again or sending private messages! Also, try not to promote yourself all the time. As people get used to your promotions, they will just automatically “skip” your posts, which totally defeats the purpose of you being online.

Criticising your competitors

This is probably the last thing you should ever do. If you are a business on social media, be and stay professional. Don’t be the business that ends up being attacked by anyone.

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