Marketing Consultancy Sydney on Google's SEO document

Recently, the world's most popular search engine, so popular that it has become a venacular in our daily life, Google, has finally released a 160 page document detailing how their search engine works and how it ranks the search results. This document is one of the very first document ever release by Google that explains how their search engine works and it will surely help small business marketing extensively. The marketing consultant for small business in Sydney explains why.

Many businesses may already know that search engine optimisation is important for small business marketing. However, other business stll have very little clue. Although long and will need someone to summarise it, this document released by Google can help many small businesses in cracking the code of Google's search engine optimisation and thus pushing their business up the rankings so that they are more prominent. Businesses that are already using search engine optimisation can also restrategise to maximise their search engine capabilities.

Do you feel like you do not have the time to do search engine optimisation work or are you worried that you will find it hard to understand and thus not doing it well? You can always contact the marketing consultancy in Sydney, Little Marketing. While we do search engine optimisation, contact us to discover all the different ways and lengths we go to help your business grow.


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