Small business marketing consultant in Sydney thinks that its not time to give up on traditional marketing tools yet!

With the rising dependence of the Internet, marketing has changed drastically over the years. And the common misunderstanding or misconception among many small business owners in the recent years is to ‘focus on online marketing and ditch traditional marketing’. Online marketing no doubt has its advantages, so do traditional marketing.

Read on to find out why you shouldn’t ditch traditional marketing.

Radio ads is a traditional marketing tool that is still effective in reaching out to your customers if you advertise on the channel. Every timing or channel has its unique group of listeners and to achieve the best possible marketing results, you do need to conduct some research prior to invest your marketing budget into such a campaign. Many commuters still listen to traditional and satellite radio on a daily basis, thus don’t ditch it yet. Think about it, if radio ads are already dying, why will Spotify or Pandora open up slots for advertisements?

Every time when you think that billboard marketing is dead, think about Bonds’s BOOBS ad. The marketing tool itself is still effective, just that many advertisements are not. The key benefit for such a tool is the reach. It is quite hard to not notice a large board when on the roads. To leave an impression of your small business using a billboard, make sure you use a clever tagline or an eye-catching photograph.

We have social media platforms that helps us to connect with each other online, but what about the real life offline connection? People love working with people, we all need the human touch at some time. Tradeshows are opportunities to ‘get personal’ with existing and potential customers.

Online marketing has its pros, so do traditional marketing. As small businesses in Sydney, it is not about choose one over another. It is about balancing between both to achieve the optimal result. Need some small business marketing advice in Sydney? Do not hesitate any further and call Little Marketing now for some advice only from one of the leading marketing consultants in Sydney.


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