Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - how do customers find your business?


Do you know where your customers find out about your business?

According to Small Business Trends, they conducted an online survey with small business owners a decade ago and one of the questions was: How do your customers find out about your business? The answer was ‘telling’.

In mid 2014, they conducted another survey and asked the same question. Guess what? The answer was still ‘telling’.

In the recent survey, 85% of the small business owners indicated that customers find out about their businesses through W.O.M, word-of-mouth. Other marketing tools were not as effective, for example, search engines had only 59%.

Small businesses are generally going for the personalised approach. It is about connecting with a selected number of customers and establish trust and loyalty as well as creating positive impression so that they acts like buzz agents who spreads the W.O.M.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Little Marketing has about a decade of experiences working with small business clients from diversified backgrounds and needs. Contact us soon for any marketing help for your small business!


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