Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne tells you three social media secrets

It is pretty odd to meet someone who does not use any form of social media in today’s context. Social media platforms are tools for people to communicate regardless of distance and time but it has opened up more opportunities beyond that. Businesses use social media to create awareness and to even sell their products and services.

Social media is an effective tool for small businesses who already has a website to further leverage their brand, message and content by driving visitors from platforms to platforms. Businesses without a website can use social media to establish an online presence. It is simple, easy and the best part is that it costs almost nothing to build a page or set up an account.

Setting up social media presence is first step, then what do we do next? Generate content to draws customers’ attention is the answer. If customers are ‘north pole’ on a magnet, quality and relevant content will be ‘south pole’ to attract them. It is important to know who are your audience and generate content that speaks to them.

Tapping on the amount of members on social media platforms, you may like to try out paid advertising to reach out to more new customers. Paid advertising allows you to filter the type of customers you want to target based on their location, interests, age group etc. With such features, you are not just throwing your money away, you are marketing specifically.

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