Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - customer loyalty is way more than a card now

Remember the amount of cards we used to carry with us a few years back? Almost every shop has a loyalty card. What about now? Loyalty cards are going “card-less”. Just tell the cashier your name and email address or phone number to verify your member and get all the points accumulated in their system. How convenient!

Imagine going to your favourite shoe shop, you left your loyalty card at home and the cashier doesn’t give you the discount because the only verification is the physical card. As a customer, you will feel disappointed and annoyed at the fact that they are so inflexible.

With the convenience that consumers are seeking for, the big players out there like Google and Apple, of course created something to cater to such needs. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are two options for consumers to move their credit cards on their mobile phones and future loyalty marketing should be like that. What are the chances of you forgetting your smartphones? There is probably the first thing you grab before leaving home.

It is important for small businesses in Sydney and Melbourne to think about the future of customer loyalty programs. Nothing is static, new ideas and strategies are implemented everyday. If you are not updated with the new marketing trends, you might just be one of those shops that annoyed your customers.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Little Marketing has about a decade of experiences working with small business clients from diversified backgrounds and needs. Contact us soon for any marketing help for your small business!


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