Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - what is mobile marketing?

How did “mobile marketing” come about? The number of mobile users! Look around you, the almost everyone owns a smartphone and what are they doing with it? They are online.

Mobile marketing can said to be an extension of Internet marketing. But in order to do mobile marketing, you need to get hold of the audiences’ phone number. The most common type of mobile marketing is by sending text message.

Obtaining mobile numbers is a pretty challenging task, but there are ways to do it. The most cliché way is to “bribe” customers by offering an incentive or discount. Small businesses can use this form of marketing as ways to ask questions and alerting customers about upcoming events or even daily deals etc.

Some numbers for small businesses about mobile marketing:

  • 75 billion is the amount of text messages sent out monthly in 2008, imagine the how big the figure will be now in 2015.
  • 60% of the world’s population are mobile subscribers. This is how big your mobile marketing audiences are.

Mobile marketing is not going to die but definitely going to continue growing. So start your mobile marketing strategy soon! Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon!  


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