Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - the three levels of a product

When we talk about ‘marketing’ the first concept that pops out of everyone’s mind is the 4Ps – product, price, place and promotions. If you are selling cars, cars are your products but there are deeper levels of understanding and defining products. Read on to learn about the different dimensions to better market your products.

There are three levels of a product, as mentioned above – core product, actual product and augmented product.

Starting from the basic level, it is the core product. It can be understood as ‘what benefit does the product offers to the customers”. Thus, for instance ’car’ is not the core product, the convenience is the core product. In another words, it looks at what people set out to buy and the core product is intangible.

Next level, we have the actual product. It is the tangible and physical benefit of the product. Brand, packaging and features are examples are the actual product.

Finally we have the last level, augmented product. It is something additional customers can get after purchasing the product itself, for example, after-sales services, warranties, delivery and so on. In this case, Apple care is an augmented product for their products.

By understanding different levels of products, it allows you, small business owners, to know what you are offering your customers. Most importantly, it will shape your marketing strategies and communicate your products more effectively.

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