Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - four marketing concept for all small business owners

There are tons of marketing concepts and theories out there, and busy small business owners in Sydney do not have all the time to “study” them. So, here are four useful and applicable marketing concepts for small business owners:

Know your marketing mix
What comprises your marketing mix? Typically, it is defined as the 4Ps – product, price, promotion and place (which is also known as ‘distribution channel’). However, more and more businesses nowadays use the 4Ps + 3Ps marketing mix. The additional 3Ps are people, physical evidences and processes. Service-dominant businesses tend to use 7Ps rather than 4Ps because of the intangibility nature of service.

Be online
It doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or large business, you need a website! A proper one, of course, not those one-page websites with outdated information. 60% is the percentage of people searching about a business before making a purchase. So, establish your online presence and constantly update your site.

Go “branded”
Small businesses often think that they are too small to be a brand. This is totally wrong. Branding is how your customers see you as a business. Logo, images, design scheme, layout, packaging are all part of branding. You want to be consistent in all these elements so that your customers can recognise your business.

Be a relationship pro
Heard of “Customer Relationship Management”? It is very widely used by businesses nowadays to encourage brand loyalty. There are many software out there to help businesses to better manage customer relationships. You don’t need big bucks to implement a CRM system.

Apply these marketing concepts and stand out from your competitors today! Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon!


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