Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - be a mobile marketing pro

Do you know that “mobile marketing” is now the hottest term in marketing? And why it became so popular? It is solely because of the booming amount of mobile users.

How can small business owners in Melbourne let go of such a good marketing chance? What can you do with mobile marketing? Read on!

Check in
Google+, Facebook and Foursquare are the most common social media that has the “check-in” ability, that means when a customer checks-in, it appears on their social media platforms. Thus, it means that friends and followers of that customer will be able to see your small business.

Obtain customers’ mobile numbers to inform them about special deals, events or even ask questions. But do offer them some kind of benefits, if not they don’t see any value in participating.

Mobile Directories
Step up your mobile marketing game by registering yourself on mobile directories. Do include as much information as possible. Don’t forget about your small business website link! Ditch the hardcopy yellow pages, your small business should be online.

If you want to go an extra mile, create a mobile app for your small business. Make sure you are able to provide unique content and at the same time, sell what you are selling. A study found that 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps to mobile-optimised websites.

Mobile marketing is not going to die but definitely going to continue growing. So start your mobile marketing strategy soon! Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon!


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