Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - avoid these marketing mistakes and be successful

Many business owners have the misconception of marketing being a ‘total cost’ unit that does not generate revenue. They tried investing in marketing and still think that they are just throwing money into water before the results can even show up. Here are some common marketing mistakes that business owners in Melbourne should avoid at all cost:

Heard of this term called ‘Marketing Myopia’? It means a company that is inwards-looking at their needs instead of focusing on customers’ needs and wants in regards to the company offering. You need to market in the customers’ point of view. Go about with their pains, problems, needs and wants in order to attract their attention.

You have the best marketing content and information ever, but you forget to tell your customers what they need to do. You need call-to-action to get your customers to start their buying process.

Mass marketing isn’t really for the mass. Businesses want customers, so that target everyone. You shouldn’t, it will never work for everyone. For instance, there are bound to have people who dislike McDonalds, so focus on those who will like instead.

Never never never neglect your existing customers. They already love you, and that means they will buy from you. So maintain that relationship and focus on them as well.

You need to measure your marketing efforts, for example, use Google Adwords or Analytics to track your results. With results, you will know what is working and what isn’t, then proper correction can be implemented.

Be a smart small business owner who is outward-looking from your customers’ point of view! Don’t hesitate to contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultant based in Sydney and Melbourne, soon!


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