Differences between B2B and B2C marketing for small businesses

Business to business (B2B) and business to consumer marketing use different approaches to market their product offerings to their targeted markets. In general, B2C marketing is more visible than B2B but their goals are the same – to connect with their customers.

One of the greatest differences that small business owners in Sydney have to understand is that B2B focuses on the features of the product while B2C focuses on the benefits. For example, a whitening skin product - In B2B context, customer firms will be interested in which feature would help whitening the skin while in B2C, customers care about the outcome of having ‘whiter’ skin.

In B2B marketing, there is little or no personal emotion involved in the purchasing decisions. Thus, small businesses have to understand how decision-making units in organisations buy. B2B marketing is about finding out more information and being very detailed. The most attractive message a small business can send out to their B2B consumers is that their products/services are able to save time, costs and resources.

On the other hand, for B2C marketing, consumers make decisions emotionally and they require more distribution channels to obtain your product and services. They want information to a certain extent, not as much as B2B, short marketing messages work on than long-winded ones on them. The best marketing messages for them should be focused on the benefits that they can get by using your product/service.

It is important for small businesses to understand B2B and B2C marketing because both types of marketing use different strategies. Little Marketing is marketing consultant company for small businesses in Sydney and Melbourne. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to provide the best possible marketing advices and help small businesses to grow.


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