Small business marketing consultants say change your old way of email marketing

Email marketing is not a new term to marketers. It is a popular marketing tool since email was “invented” back then in the 1990s. But we are now in 2014, and there is a need to change the way in which we email our customers from almost two decades ago.

1) Make your “unsubscribe” button visible

Every time I want to unsubscribe to an online newsletter, I have to “hunt” for it. Because it is either so tiny that I can barely see or (and) its at the end of the message, usually cut off by the webmail provider “download full message” button instead.

2) Make it simple to unsubscribe

Obviously when someone wants to unsubscribe you, it means you are kind of annoying them. Therefore, don’t make their lives difficult by creating complex unsubscribe procedures, whereby it requires them to log on to unsubscribe etc. It will just make them even more annoyed at your brand and business.

3) Make sure you are readable on e-mail

Do you know approximately 65% of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices? Therefore, do make your email compatible to read on mobile and tablet devices. You don’t want to see a messed up the formatting on your mobile because you will probably not even read the email anymore.

4) Email needs human touch too

Do compose your email in a human voice like as if someone is telling you personally. Email marketing is not report writing. Write in the first person, add a small personal touch or a sense of humor to make your emails more “human”.


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