Online marketing is the way to go says small business marketing consultants in Sydney

Do you know that 2020, there will be 24 billion connected devices in the world? And please bear in mind that there are approximately 7 billion people in 2014 today. The impact of Internet is very obvious in today’s society. This prediction is especially important to marketers as it means tons of marketing opportunity online! Therefore, go online.

Advertising on billboards is not enough for our consumers, there want content online. So do content development, write weekly articles to keep them interested and engaged. According to a study by Eloqua and Kapost, content marketing is able to produce thrice the times more leads than other traditional marketing tools as such as newspapers, magazines and televisions.

Other than that, sponsored content will grow as well. It is a tool to help boost greater visibility of your business among your target audiences that may or may not be familiar with your business.

Communication apps on smartphones such as Whatsapp, LINE and WeChat will continue to flourish. This is an opportunity to integrate into your small business marketing plan. Be there, if your customers are there. 

“According to a recent study by retargeting giant AdRoll, Facebook news feed ads have a 21 times higher click thru rate than standard web retargeting ads and an 49 times stronger click through rate as compared to Facebook’s right-hand side ads.” What is there more to say? Do online advertising instead of offline ones!

Little Marketing is excited to plan your online marketing campaign. We understand how time poor are you so just let it to us. With vast experiences working with a diverse profile of customers, we are confident to satisfy your needs.


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