Marketing your small business on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is probably the “Facebook” for the professionals. It constitutes over 200 million users around the world, and is the world’s largest professional networking site. About 6 years ago, LinkedIn launched the “LinkedIn Ads” that is a platform for business-to-business marketing. Marketers are able to utilised its rich targeting features to tightly target the audience for advertisements.

In this article, we have a few tips and guides for small businesses in Sydney and Melbourne to follow when marketing your business on Linkedin.

1. Less is more.

How “less” is less? 100 words including 25 for headline and 75 for a description. The most effective ad is one that gives a clear call to act, therefore just focus on one action that you want people to take after viewing your ad.

2. A picture speaks a thousand words.

According to an article in Mashable, CTR (click-through rates) can boost dramatically when an image is used. It is because images are able to attract more than texts. However, it doesn’t mean it works for any images, it has to vivid, attraction-grabbing yet in consistent with the professional tone of your brand and LinkedIn.

3. A perk will work better.

Everyone loves incentives and perks. Want them to take action? Consider them something like a discount, coupon or free consultation to stimulate them to click on your ad. Remember to feature that in your ad!

4. Target accurately.

Have in mind of who and what is your ideal customer because you can used the rick targeting features by LinkedIn to segment your target audience according to demographics like age, gender, location as well as industry. If that is more specific enough, you can even segment by job titles, seniority levels, companies or even certain group membership on LinkedIn. These features are especially useful and effective because you are able to reach the type of customers you want, instead of marketing to the mass. Potential customers are exposed to your ad naturally and your campaign will ensure a higher return on investment than mass marketing.

5. Variety is essential.

In order to find out what ad works the best, you need to have a few different ad so as to conduct a testing. It is called a split testing or A/B testing that will help you determine the most effective one. Such as a test will improve your conversion rates, and you are able to track which ad generates the most clicks.

6. Statistics and analytics speak the best.

Similarly like Google, LinkedIn allows you to track your ad performance. Small business owners can use the analytics to identify which image or keywords attract the most clicks. Upon enabling to run your best-performing ad on a regular basis on LinkedIn Ads, your ad will be delivered to your potential customers the most effective way.

If your small business is targeting on business-to-business customers, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to start. Remember these 6 steps to place an effective ad on LinkedIn.


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