Marketing consultants say small business in Sydney should not neglect signage

As technology improvements, more and more people are utilizing the Internet, that doesn’t mean that all marketing activities as well as advertising should only be done online. The offline marketing tools are as important, such as signage. When I say signage, I am talking about signage regardless of their sizes, from billboards to small signboards.

Consultants at Little Marketing think that signage is one of the most cost-effective and significant marketing tools a small business can invest in. But what makes a good sign? The basic idea is to be able to provide information for “3Ws” – who are you, what do you do, where are you. A good sign will guide customers to your business and build brand recognition.

Do you know that if the probability of a customer walking into your store increases when he/she is interested in your services and likes your sign, especially A-frame signs? You may question – “does that mean if they are not interested, it means my sign is useless”? No, on a subconscious level, they will have absorbed some information.

Your business signage should have your business name and logo. However, you will probably also need to add a statement of what you do if your business name isn’t obvious.

A signage is a reflection of your brand, it should be consistent and professional looking as well as able to indicate the type of business you are doing. For example, bright and colourful fonts would work for a childcare centre but not for a law firm.

Having a signage and not telling people where to look for you is pretty useless. Especially, if your signage is not placed outside of your store, you need to include a website so at least, people can search you up online.

Less is more, and more isn’t more in designing of a signage. Never try to fill up one with words and images, instead you should use space to stand out. No one will stand in front of your signage and read every single word. Chances are when people see the amount of words on your signage, they will just “skip” it.


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