Instagram is an instant help for small businesses in Melbourne

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a form of social media that allows users to upload photos and short videos on to their accounts. Users can follow other users, “like” and comment on uploads. Hashtags are widely used, which makes searching up for a topic easy. There are currently 200 million users worldwide and 20 billion photos uploaded. On a daily basis, there are 60 million uploads and 1.6 billion likes! Top brands such as Nike and Starbucks have been utilizing this form of social media successfully.

Some statistics about Instagram in Australia

  • Average Instagram user activity rates in Australia starts to climb on Friday and are most active on weekends.
  • Most actively instagrammed cities in Australia are Sydney, followed by Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • An average Australian uploads 10 photos/videos per months, which means 2.3 per week.

How is Instagram a help to small business?

Instagram is a social media, which also means it is another marketing tool that small business can tap on! What so cool about it is that, it focuses on using photos, short clips and captions from devices – that is very relevant to satisfy needs of “visual” consumers in today’s society.

1. Window Shopping

This social media is a great tool to showcase your products. You can easily upload photos of your products, write a description or even provide a URL link for more information as well as add a location. For example, if you are holding a sales promotion in your store today, post a photo, tell them you are having a sales and tag your location. Followers can effortlessly read your post on their feeds and track your location.

2. Behind the scenes

Are you a fan of behind-the-scenes? I am! Behind-the-scenes usually associates with exclusivity, for example, only if you buy a DVD for a movie, you have the access to such footages. It works similarly for Instagram, you have to be a follower to access to behind-the-scenes. You can upload content showing how your products are made or how your services are carried out. By doing so, followers will feel that they are getting some kind of bonus information which will enhance customer relationships.

3. Exclusive perks for followers

To encourage people to follow you, provide them with something, like perks such as discounts or special offers. For example, “additional 15% off for Instagram followers”.

4. Personal Touch

Basically, social media is supposed to be social. Therefore, post “social-able” photos such as you and your staff at work or at a company event. Tell your followers if you are starting on a new project or a new season collection. It is important to interact with them and stimulate two-way communication so that you are constantly “on the same page” as your consumers.


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